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Knowledge is Powerful

Being able to share useful knowledge is a blessing.  We are very blessed.  My wife and I have in big letters on our dining wall, “Do Good. Be Good. Share.”  Warrior Kid Medic is an extension of that mentality where we seek ways to do good in the world, try to be an example of good, and share what we can. 

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I became a Firefighter in 2003 and a Paramedic in 2006 and have over 20 years serving in a professional fire department in Texas.  During that time, I also joined the Army reserve and became a Blackhawk Pilot.  I also had the honor of being a Rescue Task Force instructor.  This is the widely used model of sending a team of police and fire/medics into a hostile area to treat and evacuate the injured.  My amazing wife started a summer camp (Camp SkyWay) in 2012 which we have owned and operated since.  We are also blessed with 4 awesome kids.  This combination of experience has put me not only in a great position, but has nudged me as a calling of service to share lifesaving skills with kids and adults.

We’ve been teaching some basic wilderness first aid at Camp SkyWay for many years and after having our own kids, I got more detailed in teaching our kids at home.  They soaked it up and wanted more.  Then I wanted to buy them a solid first aid kit and couldn’t find one with any real capability on the market.  So I designed one.  Then we decided to share these broader skills to as many folks as possible. We started running the Warrior Kid Medic program at camp.  Kids and Parents loved it! 

The Warrior Kid Medic Triangle Bandage is something I genuinely believe everyone should have.  It is a medic multitool and it invites you to practice for yourself and with your kids.  The Med Kit is much more capable than most kid’s kits.  Both of these are meant to be not just a tool, but a tangible symbol of empowerment.  We always teach that you are not a victim, you are a self-helper.  You are not a bystander; you are a Samaritan.  In short, you are a warrior.

The warrior mindset isn’t necessarily infantryman in battle.  It is the ethos of helping others, working hard, being humble, treating people with respect, and always doing your best.  This is what we teach our kids.  And this is why we are called Warrior Kid Medic.

The videos that come with the triangle bandage and kit are a solid foundation.  The classes for both adults and kids go in depth and get a lot of hands on and scenario based reinforcement of the skills.  

I truly view this whole mission like this:  I don’t plan on using a seatbelt to save my family’s life when we get in the car, but I’m really glad they are there and we take the time to put them on.  The Warrior Kid Medic skills and tools are the same.  You need to have them – your whole family does - even if you never use them.  

There are many different takes on what are the “best” kits, tourniquets, techniques, etc.  This site and program is ours.  Just one option that we think is solid.  Anyone in the first responder field worth their salt will tell you the best tourniquet is the one you have with you and the one you know how to use.  So whether you get your skills and tools from us or somewhere else, please get them.  The person you help one day will be grateful. 

From my family to yours, Do Good.  Be Good.  Share.  

Dustin Titzman

Owner, Warrior Kid Medic   

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